Victoria Haven & Heather Kravas:
solid objects, presentation A
October 2018

solid objects, presentation A is a shared vision between visual artist Victoria Haven and choreographer Heather Kravas. Born from their long-standing friendship, Haven and Kravas come together to investigate something acutely personal while discovering ways to complete and complicate the action of another. By illuminating forces such as listening, presence and attention, solid objects, presentation A proposes a challenge to traditional distinctions between visual and performing art; questioning artistic tropes like the “vision” of the director, the commodity of visual objects, the dancer as “tool” and the neutrality of abstraction. Fundamentally feminist, this project will create new frames within existing ones, repositioning assumed relationships between objects, performances, audiences and people.

solid objects, presentation A at Oxbow, marks the first in a series of encounters which will take Haven and Kravas to a variety of institutions and cities over the course of several years. On October 20th, 2018, the artists will open the doors of Oxbow two weeks into their process, inviting an audience to witness their work underway. For this 'afternoon-into-evening' singular event, the public is invited to come and go/stay as they please while the artists rehearse, render, cook, rest and observe.

Open doors
October 20, 2018
2-7 pm