Klara Glosova:
Delirious Dreaming Pugilist and Other Stories
June 9 - July 14, 2018

Klara Glosova returns with her latest site-specific installation at Oxbow's artist-in-residence space. Don't miss the opening reception on Saturday, June 9th in Georgetown. The reception is concurrent with the annual Georgetown Carnival (starting at 12 noon).

About the installation

"The cornerstone of this project is a small print of a brick wrapped in brown butcher paper and named Pugilist. In fact, picture two bricks. The two main characters—the stars of the show—are a pair of bricks, one for each hand. They are not particularly stunning, monumental or impressive in their presence, nevertheless their weight is considerable—they can be used as a support or to hold things down, to break through or to build with. With these qualities in mind I want to build a new narrative for what it means to be a woman fighter."

— Klara Glosova

About the artist

Klara Glosova is a Czech-born visual artist currently based in Seattle. She is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in drawing and painting. Her work intertwines her personal history of political activism in Eastern Europe with her experience as an artist and mother and (above all) a curiosity and playfulness that extends to both concept and materials.

Klara is also a founder of NEPO House and is always interested to see what happens when you place the inside out, invite the outside in and generally do things backwards. She received Seattle Magazine's Spotlight Award in 2013, Seattle Art Museum's Kayla Skinner Special Recognition Award, the New Foundation Fellowship and nomination for James W. Ray Distinguished Artist Award in 2014. In 2015 she was nominated for The Stranger Genius Award and a Betty Bowen Award finalist in 2017.

This project was supported in part by a grant from 4Culture.

Klara is represented by the Linda Hodges Gallery.

Opening Reception:
Sat, June 9, 6 – 9pm
(during Georgetown Carnival 2018)

Closing Reception:
Sat, July 14, 6 – 9pm