March 2O2O

We Have Always Been Broken features a selection of recent plaster works. These works were made by pouring wet plaster into molds constructed of intaglio printing plates. The result is a contradictory form that has the delicate rich marks of an intaglio print but the weight and solidity of a plaster block. These large wall sculptures are made up of multiple individually printed blocks that assemble to form larger structures. The boat-like piece Precious and Vulnerable is made out of 30 shaped printed plaster blocks with an embedded cedar wood structure that stains the plaster. The result is a form that slopes downward, sinking into the ground. A feeling of instability is created by its off-balance composition and top-heavy form.

            Over time my imagery has developed from literal depictions of rocks and walls into abstracted blocks built from the accumulation of smaller elements. Despite this evolution, my intentions have remained the same: to use composition, mark and experimental materials to depict forms and structures in a way that enables the viewer to empathize with them as if they were living. These large masses become a human stand-in and the unstable compositions- deteriorating, sinking and dissolving- a metaphor for human fragility and vulnerability.

Artist reception:
March 14, 6-9 pm

Open Studio hours:

Tuesday March 3 : 11-2pm
Thursday March 5: 11-2pm
Saturday March 7: 11-6pm
Sunday March 8: 11-6pm
Tuesday March 10th 11-2pm
Thursday March 12:  11-2pm
Saturday March 14: 11-6pm

Or by appointment