Dylan Neuwirth 
August 2, 2018

GENERATIONS is a series of simulations taking form, falling apart, and crisscrossing terrains. Each site-specific iteration is both a standalone piece of social software and integrated component of a hermetic yet ubiquitous network moving from realistic reflections to perversions of truth, orders of sorcery to dissolutions so inherently synthetic that their implied symbolism collapses into digital dust. Nothing is fixed.

About the artist
Dylan Neuwirth (b. 1977, Athens, Georgia) is a contemporary artist working with light, space, and interactive technologies. He has participated in numerous solo, group, and public art exhibitions including curatorial and web-based projects. His work is in private and institutional collections, and has appeared in Creators, Brooklyn Magazine, Artslant, Artsy, New American Paintings, artnet, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Beautiful/Decay, WIRED, and VICE. From 2007-2016, he executed large-scale architectural glass commissions across North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia as a Project Manager with Chihuly Studio. He is currently the Creative Director at Western Neon, Executive Director at Western Neon School of Art, represented by SEASON, and lives in Seattle, Washington.

Dylan is represented by SEASON

Opening Reception:
Friday, August 3rd, 8 – 11pm
(in conjunction with openings at studio e and Equinox)

Gallery hours:
Thursday and Friday, 12 – 5pm
Saturday, 12 – 7pm