Dawn Cerny

The Ambient And The Object 
June 2O2O

I am another termite; burrowing another hole into the long history of women artists --who are also mothers--who also need to work to make ends meet--- and are using the impossibility of all these circumstances as the work within the work.

For my purposes the home (the stuff and people) has become a formal riffing on the pieta; a rigid structure holding up a slump. A female figure holds but they also might lock themselves in their bedroom and scream into a pillow, thus, becoming the slump. There is love in the intimacy of family but there is also dim-wittedness and misunderstanding and irritation. 

The current body of sculptures starts at the idea of “furniture” and “mother” as being figures that assume a value (to others) for their potential to hold, display; or absent-mindedly put things on. Using form, color and something having to do with contingency these works behave as gestural understudies for a play about the day-to-day grinding weariness and the joyous slapstick absurdity of all types of relationships trying to work it out…or not.

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