Chris McMullen: Infrastructure
Sep 9-Oct 14, 2O17

Chris McMullen creates kinetic, participatory sculptures that evoke the complexities of modern life. Infrastructure is the latest in a series of artist residencies at Oxbow, each resulting in a site specific installation.

About Infrastructure
The global economy has driven us to invent ways and means to move people and products around the world. Although most transactions take place in the virtual world of the internet, when it comes to delivering the product, it happens in the real, physical world, in real time.

This physical world of shipping and transportation is massive, requiring huge amounts of space and infrastructure. When our cities were first built, they were formed around these hubs of transport. It was part of a city’s appeal to have access to new goods and access to travel to other places. In some instances, a port or rail depot gave a town its reason for being.

This made way for cities to build housing complexes, shopping districts, and restaurants. As new social structures grow, they start to compete with the original infrastructure of transport. There is a back and forth, between the concerns of the metropolis and the industry that feeds it.

This work represents the massive infrastructure that has been built and is required to move people and products back and forth, and works as a metaphor for the push-pull of interests constantly trying to get their way.
Opening reception
Sat, Sep 9, 6:00 - 9:00 pm
(Alongside Georgetown Art Attack and Van Haven III)

Gallery hours (Sep 9-Oct 14)
Tue, Thu, Sat
10:00 am - 2:00 pm