Chanhee Choi:
April 2019

Polaris is inspired by starlight and our existence in the universe. We have a signal within us that we can use to communicate with other worlds. The Introspective signal that connects all of us might be in a deadzone temporarily, but we should believe that it is within us. Our signal connects us to the universe, and could be something we can see, feel, or touch. Chanhee creates a space for us discover the signal within through immersive light and interactive video installations. 

Technical advisor: Maxx Yamasaki
Video game advisor: Peter Clark
Performance Choreographer: Sarah Lisette Chiesa
Video game Composer: Lu Wang
Performance Sound: Cameron Fraser
Art Consultant: Alleson Buchanan
DXARTS Faculty adviser: Richard Karpen, Afroditi Psarra,
Supported by: DXARTS, DXARTS Soft Lab, and Oxbow

April 13, 6:30 - 9:30pm

Gallery Hours:
April 18-27
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 6 - 9pm

April 13, 8pm 
April 19, 8pm